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I have been teaching woodcarving since 2017, primarily spoons/general knife skills.


Now I'm offering many different crafts for full or half-day workshops.

I prefer Ages 12+ but am able to do shorter workshops with younger kids.

Prices not including Materials and travel

Full day workshop - $500

Half day workshop - $350

2 hour knife safety - $300

To book a group or 1 on 1 workshop


Spoon Carving

In this workshop, I will cover safety along with how to properly use a carving knife before guiding participants through creating their own wooden spoons.

This is usually a full-day workshop but I can also offer a half-day version depending on age group or time available.

No material cost

Knife Safety

I cover using knives safely and then we carve a few different things to practice what they just learned.

This workshop is usually for kids and will only run for 2 hours.

No material cost

Birchbark Baskets

In this workshop participants all start with a sheet of birchbark and turn it into a traditional basket.

Half day workshop

Material cost depends on amount of people

Other Workshops

Other crafts I can teach include but are not limited to

-Wooden Cups

-Wooden Bowls

-Canoe Paddles

-Chip Carving

-Mini Birchbark Canoes

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