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Frequently Asked Questions

What Oil Do You Use?

My current oil for spoons is the regular and dark half and half tung oil from realmilkpaintco.

This oil is food safe so the spoons can be used.

I have also used tried & true linseed oil.

How to take care of the woodenware

Never put woodenware in the dishwasher.

Taking care of woodenware like spoons, bowls, and cups is as simple as hand washing them after use and letting them air dry.

When the spoon looks dry and hungry for oil you can add a food safe oil to it that doesn't go rancid.

Do you offer workshops?

I do offer workshops, I can do group courses or smaller ones such as 1 on 1 lessons.

Reach out about pricing if this is something you are interested in.

Do you sell internationally?

I do, I have a few international countries listed in shipping options but if your country isn't then reach out by email or social media 

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